Artwork Specifications

All art files submitted will be reviewed by our art staff.  We will contact you with any questions or adjustments that may be needed.  If you have questions about setting up your artwork or our order processes, please call 1-800-962-8885.

We maintain the latest versions of Adobe print software such as, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Please call for other software.

File Formats
We can work with the following file types. . . .AI, .EPS, .PSD, .TIF, and high resolution .JPEG, .PNG and .PDF.
The file formats of .GIF, .PPT, .PICT, .BMP, web pages or web banners and graphics are generally not suitable for printing.
Word and PowerPoint do not provide print ready art files. If you have created artwork in one of these programs please save as a PDF or WMF. We ask that you also provide the original file and all the separate graphic components used.
Please send the original art file in which the layout was created, editable whenever possible.

Required Bleed Allowance
Artwork should be created with an additional 1/8" bleed on all sides. This bleed allowance should consist of the actual artwork, not just a 1/8" border of color. This bleed will be trimmed off during manufacturing.

Image Resolution
The minimum resolution needs to be at 300 ppi for a quality print. Pictures from digital cameras work very well if taken at the camera's highest resolution. Create your art files at 100% of the pad size you are ordering plus 1/8" extra bleed allowance on all sides.

Art Layout Specifications
Important art elements or text should remain 1/4" in from the finished edge of the pad. When using a border it will need to be at least 1/4" wide plus have the additional 1/8” bleed allowance. Click here for example.

Please submit files in CMYK format (photo quality) unless you have a file with Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors.
We will print the full color process CMYK format unless specified by you, the customer. If you have a CMYK file and would like us to target PMS colors please specify. We also recommend that you send a color print or sample for us to target at press.
Unsupported color values are subject to interpretation.

Please outline all text and embed all images. Submit the final file, a pdf or jpeg of the final file, and all the supporting graphics. If you are uncertain, provide any files you may have and all images used to create your layout.

For the Cloth Surface mouse pads please note we print with dyes which may not reproduce as accurately as conventional ink printing. When printing with dyes on a woven cloth surface there is a larger dot gain and slightly different color outcomes. We will print a close representation of your artwork. The larger dot gain may cause small areas within text to fill in. We recommend using 10 point bold non-serif fonts and reversed strokes should be 1 point or greater.

Color Trapping
We will apply the necessary settings to ensure proper trapping between adjoining colors.

Radius Corners
When designing your artwork, keep in mind that all standard rectangular pads have radius corners. The corner radius is 1/4" for small and medium pads and 3/8" for large pads. Custom corner radii are available. 

Submitting Art Files
Files can be submitted via email if under 10 MB, to sales@1stpads.com. If you have a larger file you can upload to our dropbox or you can send a CD. The link for our DropBox file request can be located at 1stpads.com/file-transfer-information-ftp
If you would like us to retrieve your art file from your server, email us the file location information with any user names and passwords that may be required. We can accept art by other file transfer methods, please provide an email with the link or instructions for art retrieval.


Copyrights: MicroStore Inc. and 1stPads are trade names of MicroStore Inc.™. Please respect all copyright or usage rights connected to the image supplied for reproduction. Customers will hold harmless and indemnify MicroStore Inc./1stPads for all claims and expenses for actions in law that may result from the use of copyright images.